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Snorkeling is a water activity that involves swimming with a diving mask known as a snorkel in the deep waters. While snorkeling, one can experience and explore the marine life more closely. So, if you want to experience the adventure and learn more about the marine life, then come directly to us for availing excellent services.

At Holiday Planners, we are engaged in offering solutions for organizing exciting snorkeling activities for our clients across Andaman and Nicobar Islands. So, feel free to contact us anytime.

How does it work
A snorkel is a tube around 30 cm long and with an on the inside diameter of between 1.5 and 2.5 centimeters, generally L or J-shaped and fixed with a mouth piece at the lower end, and designed of rubber or plastic. It is applied for breathing air from over the water surface area when the wearer's mouth area and nose are submerged. The snorkel generally has a part of rubber that connects the snorkel to the outside of the strap of the diving mask since pushing the snorkel between mask-strap and the head can cause the mask to leak.

  • Snorkelling at North Bay Island - Port Blair.
North Bay island is a popular destination in Port Blair. The beach and the snorkelling opportunities in its fringing coral reefs are the closest ones you will find at Port Blair. A ferry will take you across Aberdeen Jetty and bring you back. The corals at North Bay are rather good and spread over large area. You are very likely to spot many fish, a lobster, or even clams on the coral reef.

  • Snorkelling at Elephant Beach - Havelock Island.
The beach here offers calm blue crystal clear shallow waters and is an amazing spot for snorkelers. The reefs are in pristine condition and with little exploration you can find corals in the same way they were formed. You can charter a boat, join groups or trek to reach Elephant Beach. Guide assists you during your trip to the Elephant Beach. You may even carry your own equipments required to snorkel here.

  • Snorkelling at JollyBouy Island/Red Skin Island - Port Blair.
One of the most famous destination at Port Blair is the Jolly Bouy Island. At Jolly Buoy you get to see corals (red, blue, sponge corals etc). Also you will be able to see life within these corals (particularly zebra fish). There is another island called Red Skin Island. Both of these islands are open for 6 months alternatively for the tourists. The time duration, is usually from November - April for Jolly Bouy Island and from May - October for Red Skin Island. These are tentative months and can change without any prior notice.The trip Includes boat ride to JollyBouy/ Red Skin Island including glass bottom boat ride to reach the shore. The trip begins at Wandoor jetty, which is approximately 25 kms from the main city.

The fabulous part of Andaman tours and travels is the trekking activity across the evergreen forest and stunning landscapes....Andaman tour packages are hollowed with countless hillocks in all around Andaman tours travels which are perfectly suitable for the trekking. Backpacking is the most desirable activity for the adventurers to delve into the velvet sound of birds, indigenous trees, medical herbs, and rare species of insects like infinite biodiversity we can seek from the route of Andaman trekking.

Why experts for your trip Andaman?
This trip guaranteed our expert guide throughout your bush walking over the Andaman Island tourism. The local and professional advisers know deeply about the nature of forest area of Andaman for the exhilarating Andaman holiday packages for our client. So it would be the finest decision to escape from the leech attacks, unexpected diverse of your forest route, local boat ride cross the mangroves etc. Mythical caves and curves is the strange appearance of tour packages to Andaman Nicobar. The risk takers can walk by these caves to explore the hidden life of earth with the support of our expert guide in your Andaman tours.

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