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Destination Andaman Tours

Neil Island

Neil is a tiny but beautiful island located 37 Kms. to the south of the Andaman Islands. With unexplored coral reefs, brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forest and vegetation, it is one of the hot tourist spots in the Andamans. This place is ideal for Snorkeling, Scuba diving, Game fishing, trekking. Cycling, Sun bathing, swimming, bird watching and many more.


Natural Bridge

The Natural Bridge is the biggest attraction of Andaman and Nicobar Island which is located on Neil Island. It is widely known as Howrah Bridge. The name of the Howrah Bridge was introduced by the local Bengalis on Neil Island and provides an enjoyable environment for tourists.

Bharatpur Beach

This is one of the finest and most famous beaches in Neil Island, Bharatpur Beach attracts a crowd of tourists all year round. This destination is a very famous place for activities such as coral watching and swimming and a convenient destination to enjoy holidays with family.

Sitapur Beach

Sitapur Beach is located on the edge of Neil Island in Andaman. It seems an endless stretch of green foliage and white sand makes breathtaking natural beauty. It is well known for its natural vegetation and limestone formation.

Laxmanpur Beach

Laxmanpur Beach is located in 2 km from Neil Jetty. It has white sink sand along with shallow water, which makes it an ideal place for scuba diving. This beach is familiar for sun basking and swimming as well.