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Jet Skiing

Jet Skiing
Do you often feel like skiing in the middle of the tiding waves amidst the lightly shining sun? Well, if that is a constant dream of yours, then you should definitely fulfill it by going for a Jet Ski adventure. Holiday Planners are regarded as one of the leading water sports activity planners across Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands (India).

The Jet Ski will take you and your beloved or friend on a thrilling water wave ride. For getting assistance in conducting this water activity, feel free to contact us anytime.

The best places to try jet ski adventure in Andaman for thrill and adventure are Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex and the North Bay beach.

How does it work
The vehicle is powered by engine which is driven by wheels. The engine performs the function of propelling the water pump and its impeller which is installed inside the pipe to suck water from one end of it and blow it out at the other end.

How safe is it
Jet ski is extremely safe if it is done in a good weather. Adverse climatic conditions such as storms and rains are detrimental for this exhilarating sport and must be avoided. Proper precautions must be taken by the tourists to prevent water accidents. Things like life jackets, wet suits, gloves, eye-wear, and water shoes must be included for safety. Certified drivers stand the best chance of enjoying the sport in the best possible way. For greenhorns, seeking the help of an instructor would be extremely helpful.

Who should avoid it
Despite being a fun-filled activity, the risk of injuries are huge in jet-ski. Novices particularly should not drive the vehicle by their own. In fact those who are scared of water and high-speed, should particularly avoid this exciting yet nerve-wracking marine sport.

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